BSBITU402 Develop and use complex spreadsheets

Elements describe the essential outcomes.Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1. Prepare to develop spreadsheet1.1 Organise personal work environment in accordance with ergonomic requirements1.2 Analyse task and determine specifications for spreadsheets1.3 Identify organisational and task requirements of data entry, storage, output, reporting and presentation requirements1.4 Apply work organisation strategies and energy and resource conservation techniques to plan work activities
2. Develop a linked spreadsheet solution2.1 Utilise spreadsheet design software functions and formulae to meet identified requirements2.2 Link spreadsheets in accordance with software procedures2.3 Format cells and use data attributes assigned with relative and/or absolute cell references, in accordance with task specifications2.4 Test formulae to confirm output meets task requirements
3. Automate and standardise spreadsheet operation3.1 Evaluate tasks to identify those where automation would increase efficiency3.2 Create, use and edit macros to fulfil requirements of task and automate spreadsheet operation3.3 Develop, edit and use templates to ensure consistency of design and layout for forms and reports, in accordance with organisational requirements
4. Use spreadsheets4.1 Enter, check and amend data in accordance with organisational and task requirements4.2 Import and export data between compatible spreadsheets and adjust host documents, in accordance with software and system procedures4.3 Use manuals, user documentation and online help to overcome problems with spreadsheet design and production4.4 Preview, adjust and print spreadsheet in accordance with organisational and task requirements4.5 Name and store spreadsheet in accordance with organisational requirements and exit application without data loss or damage
5. Represent numerical data in graphic form5.1 Determine style of graph to meet specified requirements and manipulate spreadsheet data if necessary to suit graph requirements5.2 Create graphs with labels and titles from numerical data contained in a spreadsheet file5.3 Save, view and print graph within designated timelines

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