Online Course Phone Support Package

$225.00 inc GST

  • Phone support is provided in 15 minute intervals
  • Schedule each call for when you need it
  • Support agent is 100% dedicated to your needs
  • Package includes 6 phone sessions


Get phone support when you need to speak with someone about your online training course. Just let your support person know which course you are working through as well as the name of the video or workbook page and exercise you are completing.

Scheduled support enables you to choose a time when you are available and received dedicated support for your online training.

All courses automatically come with Streamline support so you’ll get quick and efficient answers to any questions you have. Phone support is designed to give you dedicated one to one attention if you need it with any aspect of your course.

Phone support is useful with advanced software courses, including:

Phone support must be used within 6 months of signing up for it.

Learn about Streamline Support and Phone Support