Xero COMPLETE Training Course Package

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The Xero COMPLETE Training Package Includes Everything

From Setup to Advanced Payroll Administration, Budgets, Forecasts, BAS and Bank Reconciliation, this package includes every training course we have on how to use Xero to manage the financial affairs and credit management of a business.

This Xero Accounting Training & Support package includes:

This COMPLETE Training Course package will help you learn how to use Xero to perform tasks which are performed regularly in every business.

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This Xero Accounting COMPLETE Training Course Package includes the following Courses:

Xero Accounting Training Courses Included:

Xero Accounting Training Course 1: Setup and configuration

  • Setup and configuration of the
  • chart of accounts and
  • company preferences.

Xero Accounting Setup Training Course

Xero Accounting Training Course 2: Data Entry, Transactions, Credit Management

  • Quotes,
  • invoicing,
  • purchases,
  • payments,
  • accounts receivable,
  • accounts payable,
  • credit management
  • reporting,
  • receipts,
  • expenses and
  • most tasks performed on a daily and weekly basis

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Xero Accounting Training Course 3: End of Month, Reconciling, journal entries

  • Journal entries,
  • trial balance,
  • bank feeds,
  • bank reconciliation,
  • adhoc payments,
  • asset purchases

Xero Accounting Journals, Bank Feeds and Bank Reconciliation Training Course

Xero Accounting Training Course 4: Quarterly BAS and Reporting

  • 3 months worth of statements,
  • reconciliation,
  • varying GST amounts,
  • treatment of asset purchases (cars),
  • payroll as a journal entry,
  • profit and loss and balance sheet reports

Xero Accounting GST, Reporting and BAS Training Course

Xero Accounting Training Course 5: Payroll Administration

  • Payroll setup and settings,
  • setup employees,
  • time sheets,
  • pay runs,
  • pay items,
  • allowances,
  • deductions,
  • disbursements,
  • leave entitlements,
  • superannuation,
  • super guarantee,
  • salary sacrificing,
  • final pay

Xero Accounting Payroll Administration Beginners to Advanced Training Course

Xero Accounting Training Course 6: Xero Advanced Course, Budgets & Cashflow

  • Half year of transactions,
  • commercial building loan treatment,
  • budgeting,
  • financial reporting,
  • return on investment,
  • cashflow reports

Xero Accounting Cashflow Reports, Budgets, Forecasts & ROI Training Course

Xero Accounting Training Course 7: Xero Projects and Profit Reporting

  • Quote and cost of goods,
  • tracking job/project expenses,
  • resource planning,
  • project reporting,
  • project profit

Xero Accounting Projects Course (NEW)


Top Xero Accounting Training Course Questions and Answers

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  1. How long will it take me to complete the course?
  2. Can I go over the training materials more than once?
  3. Are their any prerequisites?
  4. When can I start?
  5. How long can I access the Xero courses?
  6. Do I get a certificate?
  7. How does assessment work?
  8. How do I get my certificate?
  9. What type of certificate do I receive?

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Enrol now and start quickly but progress at your own pace. It’s online training so you can sign in from anywhere (office or home) and learn when you have free time or set time aside (not according to a training room schedule).

Student Learning & Support

Student support is available via website chat, email, SMS and phone. The training is delivered using short and concise video tutorials, training workbooks with practical step-by-step exercise tasks based on real world case studies. Then you are assessed on the content of the training materials and issued with an Advanced Certificate in Xero Accounting.

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Course Access

The total expected time of completion is 41 hours so most students complete the training within 3-4 weeks. As a student you can take up to 12 months to complete your studies with complete student support from our team. Enrol now to access today’s price but start when you are ready and learn at your own pace.


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