Accounts Receivable Courses

Applied Education at TAFE & Career Academy for online Xero, MYOB accounting training courses comparison 4Accounts receivable jobs are very similar to accounts payable jobs in that they are part of the credit controllers responsibility.

Also called A/R, this accounts job description includes verifying payments for invoices, followup of money owed to the business and receivables reporting.

Learn more about Accounts Receivable job roles and responsibilities.

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Accounts Receivable Tasks

Accounts Receivable tasks include:

  • Setting payment terms
  • Data Entry
  • Creating customer details
  • Invoicing
  • Sending statements
  • Understanding the credit terms
  • Ensuring customers understand and agree to the terms of trade
  • Receiving and entering in payments
  • Customer service relating to money owed to the business
  • Running aged receivable reports
  • Reporting on receivables by aging periods, and more

Below are our Accounts Receivable Training Courses, based on the accounts of a real business example.

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Showing all 12 results