MYOB AccountRight Training Course (502) – Beginners Certificate (Daily Transactions, A/R & A/P)

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Learn about daily transactions, data entry, quoting, invoices, purchases and payments.


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  • 12 hours / 12 CPD Points
  • 1 x training manual workbooks (downloadable & printable)
  • 2 x business case study scenarios
  • Practical skills for accounts & admin jobs
  • 12 months course access and support


MYOB Daily Transactions Course Topics

MYOB Invoicing Sales Module

MYOB Training Courses Customise-MYOB-item-and-service-invoice-formsMYOB Main Command Centre screen, MYOB Sales Command Centre screen, MYOB invoicing sales layouts, entering items, changing item information, changing invoice payment terms, entering a service invoice, time-billing and printing, creating a sales quote, creating a sales order, converting quote to order, converting order to MYOB invoice, convert order to invoice in sales register, MYOB invoicing, inserting & deleting lines & headings

Finding Transaction Details in MYOB

MYOB Sales register, transaction Journal, to do list navigation, to do list – AR and AP, intro to statements, intro to find transactions, find transactions in detail, find MYOB invoices, keyboard shortcuts, receive payments and pay bills, custom lists in sales & purchases

Email and Print Invoices and Statements

Printing receipts, print or email an invoice, printing unprinted invoices, emailing or printing statements, email or print activity statements, invoice vs activity statements, MYOB sales by email


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Credits, Bad Debts and Reversals

Recording a cash sale, entering credits, settling credits and returns, bad debts, deleting payments & sales, reversing transactions, creating a card on the fly, creating an inventory item

Receipts and Part Payments

Apply a payment while invoicing, receive payments account, receive payments for an invoice, receive part payments, receive over payments

Purchases Module

Receive money for MYOB sales and pay bills, creating a purchase, creating a purchase order, converting purchase order to bill, create an item credit, purchases register, settling credits, reverse or edit a purchase, how much do you owe, payment for purchases, analyse payables

Banking Module

Intro to bank register, spend money, receive money and how MYOB software is used as a cashbook for small businesses

Sales Module

  • MYOB’s Main Command Centre screen,
  • MYOB’s Sales Command Centre screen,
  • sales layouts in MYOB,
  • entering items in MYOB,
  • changing item information in MYOB,
  • changing payment terms in MYOB,
  • entering a service invoice in MYOB,
  • time-billing and printing in MYOB,
  • creating a sales quote in MYOB,
  • creating a sales order in MYOB,
  • converting quote to order in MYOB,
  • converting order to invoice in MYOB,
  • convert order to invoice in MYOB sales register,
  • inserting & deleting lines & headings in MYOB

Finding Transaction Details

  • Sales register,
  • transaction journal,
  • to do list navigation,
  • to do list – AR and AP,
  • intro to statements,
  • intro to find transactions,
  • find transactions in detail,
  • keyboard shortcuts,
  • receive payments and pay bills,
  • custom lists in sales & purchases

Customise MYOB item and service invoice forms

Email and Print Invoices and Statements

  • Printing receipts,
  • print or email an invoice,
  • printing unprinted invoices,
  • emailing or printing statements,
  • email or print activity statements,
  • invoice vs activity statements


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Credits, Bad Debts and Reversals

  • Recording a cash sale,
  • entering credits,
  • settling credits and returns,
  • bad debts,
  • deleting payments & sales,
  • reversing transactions,
  • creating a card on the fly,
  • creating an inventory item

Receipts and Part Payments

  • Apply a payment while invoicing,
  • receive payments account,
  • receive payments for an invoice,
  • receive part payments,
  • receive over payments

Purchases Module

  • Receive money and pay bills,
  • creating a purchase,
  • creating a purchase order,
  • converting purchase order to bill,
  • create an item credit,
  • purchases register,
  • settling credits,
  • reverse or edit a purchase,
  • how much do you owe,
  • payment for purchases,
  • analyse payables

Banking Module

  • Intro to bank register in MYOB
  • spend money in MYOB
  • receive money in MYOB