BSBSMB412 Introduce cloud computing into business operations

Elements describe the essential outcomes.Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1. Review computing needs in the business1.1 Review current computing resources and use, and document according to business requirements1.2 Identify and discuss future computing needs and potential improvements to business operations with relevant people1.3 Collate information collected in review, and summarise business computing needs
2. Investigate cloud computing services to meet business needs2.1 Research fundamentals of cloud computing, types of services offered, and their costs2.2 Seek assistance from specialist advisors as required, to determine relevant cloud computing services2.3 Undertake basic cost-benefit analysis for introducing cloud computing2.4 Identify potential opportunities and risks associated with introducing cloud computing2.5 Prepare a business case for implementing cloud computing services or other required changes, and seek approval where required
3. Develop a plan to introduce cloud computing3.1 Prioritise introduction of cloud computing, including short-term and longer-term goals3.2 Prepare a budget catering for short and long-term priorities, following business format and requirements3.3 Independently or through services of a specialist advisor, outline steps and activities required to introduce cloud computing into the business
4. Support implementation of the plan4.1 Communicate and promote key features of the plan to others4.2 Organise training and coaching to maximise cloud computing potential4.3 Encourage and support individuals and work groups to become more efficient using cloud computing

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