FNSBKG401 Develop and implement policies and procedures relevant to bookkeeping activities



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Develop professional working relationship with relevant parties

1.1 Clarify business needs and expectations of bookkeeper through clear communication with relevant parties

1.2 Determine roles and responsibilities of bookkeeper according to business needs

1.3 Identify activities that fall outside role and responsibilities of bookkeeper, and networks of individuals able to carry out activities

1.4 Refer business owner to relevant networks for advice and services where applicable

1.5 Request feedback on range, type and quality of service to be provided and act on, where applicable

1.6 Identify and use relevant ethical principles and practices in all dealings

1.7 Implement strategy for regular professional development to ensure ongoing professional practices

2. Carry out research to identify compliance requirements and support materials

2.1 Research legislative, statutory, regulatory and industry requirements for carrying out bookkeeping activities

2.2 Obtain access to relevant publications and software tools designed to assist in carrying out bookkeeping activities

3. Set up and maintain appropriate systems to meet compliance requirements

3.1 Develop systems to support user needs

3.2 Develop instructions and guidelines for carrying out relevant daily activities in accordance with compliance requirements

3.3 Review and adapt systems as necessary on a regular basis

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