FNSINC401 Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Identify scope, sectors and responsibilities of industry

1.1 Identify and consider external forces impacting on financial services industry while carrying out activities

1.2 Identify main sectors of financial services industry and interrelationship between sectors in carrying out activities

1.3 Identify roles and responsibilities of other participants in financial services industry in carrying out activities

2. Identify and apply guidelines, procedures and legislation

2.1 Collect, apply and analyse information on relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice as applied to financial services industry

2.2 Clarify own work practice and regularly refine in light of relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice, and organisational policy, guidelines and procedures

2.3 Apply relevant codes of practice in an ethical approach to workplace practice and decisions

3. Identify sustainability issues

3.1 Obtain and analyse information on sustainability policies, strategies and impacts on industry from a range of sources

3.2 Identify and promote environmental sustainability as an integral part of business planning and business opportunity

3.3 Incorporate and support triple bottom line principles in work planning

4. Manage information

4.1 Read and discuss with appropriate persons relevant documents and reports that could impact on work effectiveness and compliance

4.2 Analyse, evaluate and check documents, reports, data and numerical calculations to meet customer and organisational requirements

4.3 Present information in format appropriate for audience

5. Participate in and facilitate work team activities

5.1 Provide feedback to team members to encourage, value and reward individual and team efforts, and contributions

5.2 Actively encourage team members to participate in and take responsibility for team activities and communication processes

5.3 Support team to identify and resolve problems which impede its performance

5.4 Ensure own work serves as role model for others and enhances organisation’s image and financial services industry

6. Plan work to be completed

6.1 Determine tasks to be done and identify relevant conditions to work autonomously or in team environment

6.2 Plan work to manage resources, time and priorities

6.3 Contribute to organisational planning process as required to achieve service improvement

6.4 Adapt to changes in technology and work organisation in timely manner

7. Develop and maintain personal competency

7.1 Identify and review personal professional development needs and goals on regular basis

7.2 Clarify and comply with competency, authorisation and licensing requirements

7.3 Seek professional development opportunities that reflect needs and goals in agreed timeframe

This information is taken from the Official Government Training website: training.gov.au

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