Accounts Receivable Xero Micro Training Course

FREE Xero Accounting Training Course WorkbookThis course will give you some Accounting Training and bookkeeping skills that MOST small businesses need on a daily basis.

Many of these tasks can be performed easily from your smart phone while you are speaking to customers and when you follow these procedures you’ll be able to create quotes faster, have them approved faster, enable customers to pay you immediately when the work is completed etc.

With these basic bookkeeping skills you’ll be able to focus on just doing what you do and helping customers rather than be worrying about the headaches of your financials and cashflow.

Follow these steps and you could get instant business finance too

We include training on how to incorporate PayPal to be able to receive credit card payments (yes, they are a payment gateway even for customers who don’t have a PayPal account).

If you have a proven track record of historical sales through PayPal you can get instant cashflow finance just by applying for it.

PayPal offer a fixed price loan where the loan repayments come from your future earnings so if you find you do need cashflow finance in the future you may be able to get it quickly and easily and for a low cost.

Topics included in the free Xero Accounting and PayPal Training Course include.

  • Get more quotes done, even on the road
  • Keep track of the people you’ve quoted
  • Convert more quotes to sales
  • Get paid a deposit on the spot
  • Halve the time it takes to get paid
  • Give customers a way to pay you immediately
  • schedule your work for 3-12 weeks in the future

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