Microsoft Excel Beginners 301 Training Course

Microsoft Excel Beginners Course Training VideosThis course will give you the foundation skills that EVERYONE needs to know about using Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel.

These skills include how Microsoft Excel is used, including Worksheets, Calculations, Charts and Graphs and not only will you receive the entire Excel 301 Course workbook, you’ll receive the video tutorials and exercise files so you can try them out yourself!

With these basic Excel spreadsheet skills you’ll get to understand why it is such a widely used program and be able to move forward confidently with an understanding of the key skills and how they are used but also that if you choose to continue on learning with us that we’ve spent considerable time and effort designing our courses to help you build your knowledge, using educational and practical training aids, one step at a time.

Follow these steps to get instant access

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What’s included in the FREE Excel Training Course

Topics included in the free Microsoft Excel Beginners Training Course include.

  • The Excel screen including toolbars, formula bar, name box
  • Column and row headings
  • Workbooks and Sheet tabs
  • Uses for Excel (Worksheet, Database & Charting)
  • Getting around a spreadsheet using keyboard & mouse
  • moving between workbooks
  • Selecting (or highlighting) cells, columns and rows & entire spreadsheets
  • Entering information into workbooks
  • Resizing columns.

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