EzyLearn BookkeeperCourse Affiliate

$199.00 inc GST

Complete a paid training course with us and you’ll be eligible to join the EzyLearn affiliate program and earn residual income by mentioning EzyLearn in your social media accounts. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money while not working for an hourly rate – it’s purely performance based – and you’ll be able to earn money as you sleep.



Earn a percentage of each sale that is the result of you discussing and mentioning an EzyLearn product in your emails, website, social media accounts or anywhere digitally. Earnings range from 20% of the sale price to 50% on selected products and services.

As an EzyLearn Affiliate you’ll be able to participate in our regular and ongoing digital marketing and use our marketing communications messages to replicate it to your own friends, family and colleagues.