Microsoft Excel Beginners Course 302 Training Manual & Workbook – Creating and Editing Spreadsheets

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This Training Manual and Workbook contains step-by-step tasks using Microsoft Excel for training case studies based on real world scenarios including.

  • Instant download in PDF format (33 pages)
  • Based on real world case studies
  • Includes 8 practice Excel exercise files
  • Course Content for Excel Beginners Certificate
  • Upgrade path to Full course
  • Skills on budgeting, sales reports, database files & costings


You’ll have sales reports, database, household budgets and other exercise files to work with to learn these skills.

  • Selecting information: Understanding the mouse cursors used within Excel, how to select cells, columns and rows and multiple ranges of information, how to select cells using the keyboard.
  • Copy and Paste: Drag and drop, cut, copy and paste in a worksheet and from one worksheet to another and even between different software programs.
  • Editing cells: Typing and entering information, editing existing information and entering the changes, using the status bar information, escaping out of cells.
  • Changing column width and row height for single and multiple columns as well as making all the columns the same width and using AutoFit.
  • Database: Creating a simple database, understanding simple database structure (ideal knowledge for mail merge with Microsoft Word), inserting and deleting columns, using Undo and Redo options.
  • Autofill: Automatically fill numbers, dates, number patterns, days, months and years and much more. The fast way to insert sequential numbers and words.
  • Understanding date formatting (this forms the basis for future calculations based on date format).