Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course 305 Training Manual & Workbook – Charts & Graphs

$49.00 inc GST

This Training Manual and Workbook contains step-by-step tasks using Microsoft Excel for training case studies based on real world scenarios including.

  • Instant download in PDF format (20 pages)
  • Based on real world case studies
  • Includes 11 practice Excel exercise files
  • Course Content for Excel Intermediate Certificate
  • Upgrade path to Full course
  • Skills using costs spreadsheet files and Microsoft Word documents


  • Charting: Creating a simple chart and learning that charts are dynamic and based up on the information stored somewhere else within the spreadsheet, Inserting labels for heading, the x & y axis, values and more. Learning how to chart multiple rows and columns
  • Charting: Organising your sheet tabs, especially for new chart sheets, changing the data range within the chart wizard, charting several separate data ranges, charting options and different types of charts (pie charts)
  • Chart formatting: Understanding chart objects for the purpose of formatting, understanding the buttons in the chart toolbar, and using right-click to format.
  • Formatting a data series, and parts of a pie chart, having 2 different data formats within the one chart and how to get charts into Microsoft Word documents.