BSBITU306 Design and produce business documents



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Select and prepare resources

1.1 Select and use appropriate technology and software applications to produce required business documents

1.2 Select layout and style of publication according to information and organisational requirements

1.3 Ensure document design is consistent with company and/or client requirements, using basic design principles

1.4 Discuss and clarify format and style with person requesting document/publication

2. Design document

2.1 Identify, open and generate files and records according to task and organisational requirements

2.2 Design document to ensure efficient entry of information and to maximise presentation and appearance of information

2.3 Use a range of functions to ensure consistency of design and layout

2.4 Operate input devices within designated requirements

3. Produce document

3.1 Complete document production within designated timelines according to organisational requirements

3.2 Check document produced to ensure it meets task requirements for style and layout

3.3 Store document appropriately and save document to avoid loss of data

3.4 Use manuals, training booklets and/or help-desks to overcome basic difficulties with document design and production

4. Finalise document

4.1 Proofread document for readability, accuracy and consistency of language, style and layout prior to final output

4.2 Make any modifications to document to meet requirements

4.3 Name and store document in accordance with organisational requirements and exit application without data loss/damage

4.4 Print and present document according to requirements

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