Data Entry Course & Word Processing Training

Data Entry and Credit Management Jobs (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable) are the most common jobs in the accounting and office administration industry. Every business needs to manage their office and financials to ensure they are successful.

Most business startups need help in this area because their business is centred around the business owners skills, experience and passion and that often doesn’t involve managing the business. Combine this course with the FREE Xero Accounts Receivable Training Course and you’ll be more confident speaking with employers or even running your own business.

These foundation skills will help you with a solid understanding of data entry as well as an important introduction to getting around and using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is the most widely used business software in the world, even today, because it is used to create most of the documents used by businesses. This includes proposals, reports and even brochures and fliers.

Get your FREE Data Entry and Microsoft Word training course right now, for FREE.