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We created this video quickly to show you some of the things you’ll learn to do in the different Microsoft Word courses.

Exercise file to practice with

Would you like the sample file we talk about in the above video and in the training manual? Just text the word SYP to 0488883655

The sample exercise file explains the opportunities for real estate agents to start their own business and do their own digital marketing.

It is a raw file with badly typed text that you can turn into a professional document. It is for the Selling Your Property website and marketing service. The free property selling guide was created using Microsoft Word and showcases an example of what you can create using MS Word.

Training Video Tutorials

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What kind of jobs can you get?


Data entry is a critical task in every business to ensure accurate information is entered into computer systems.

Office support, Customer Service, accounts and bookkeeping and office administration jobs all require data entry skills.

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EzyLearn courses are designed in a modular structure so you can progress in a logical and easy to follow order.

All courses are built on Micro courses, which are combined to form Complete courses or combinations. Every micro course includes:

  • Video tutorial training library
  • Training workbook (downloadable PDF format)
  • Step-by-Step practical exercises
  • Exercise files for you to work with
  • Knowledge review assessments
  • Certificate of completion

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