Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Training Course 403 – Slide Masters, Templates, Automations

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In this course you’ll learn about slide masters and how you can change them to instantly modify the look and feel formatting of your existing and new presentations. Large corporations use design templates that are based on slide masters and when they make a change to their corporate branding they use these tools to ensure that all departments use the new designs uniformly in their presentations.

You’ll learn about headers and footers (for inserting project names and logos), as well as automated features of PowerPoint presentations like the transitions between slides as well as the animated effects you include within a slide (down to paragraph by paragraph and object by object animation effects). You’ll learn about group elements and moving them together or separating them and you’ll learn how to insert and manage multimedia files like audio and video within the presentation.

You’ll also learn about different ways you can print out your presentation to give your attendees something to take with them. In this final PowerPoint course we include the steps you’d take to turn your presentation into an online training course.

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In the Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Presentations course we embed objects including a chart who’s information is based on data from an Excel file. We also explore multimedia embedding and master templates that help to keep every staff members templates consistent and professional. Things like logos repeating on every page in the right position and all the text for different heading styles in the same font. You’ll also learn how to automate a presentation so that it can run automatically in the background and places like trade shows or in a shop.

CASE STUDY – Corporate Presentation

In 2013 our director launched EzyAccess safety and compliance solution (in the cloud). It combined site induction, contractor credentialing, company compliance checking, visitor management and sign ins for high risk work. He and his team, (which included some of us!) had the opportunity to craft a corporate presentation aimed “C Suite” executives, then refocus it to General Managers of each site and then to Site or Facility Managers.

In each situation the presentation was changed depending on the target audience and included in this course is the presentation that was made to C-Level executives.

PowerPoint Advanced Course Outline

PowerPoint Advanced – Section 1

  • Using the Slide Master 
  • Adding background Logo 
  • Changing Bullets formatting 
  • Inserting Slide Footer 
  • Creating Customised Template

PowerPoint Advanced – Section 2

  • Using Online Pictures as background 
  • Changing frame order 
  • Formatting picture 
  • Recolouring images 
  • Grouping images 
  • Inserting sound file

PowerPoint Advanced – Section 3

  • Slide Show Timing 
  • Slide Transitions 
  • Custom Animations 
  • Custom Animations on charts 
  • Linking to Excel

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