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Microsoft Office Academy COMPLETE Training Course Package

$899.00 $749.00 inc GST

Learn the skills to perform data entry, office administration support jobs as well as advanced skills needed in office administrator jobs.

This course package includes training using Microsoft Office software programs:

  • word processing (Microsoft Word),
  • spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel),
  • presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint), and
  • communications (Microsoft Outlook)

Read the detailed description below and even get a free sample.

ENROL HERE on a $20 per week course funding payment plan.

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This Data Entry and Microsoft Office Beginner Essentials training course package give you ALL these software training courses:

Microsoft Word COMPLETE Training Course Package

Microsoft Excel COMPLETE Training Course Package

Microsoft PowerPoint COMPLETE Training Course Package

Microsoft Office Outlook Communications Training Course

EzyLearn Online Course Course Free Samples LogoIf you’re interest in this comprehensive course package but haven’t heard of EzyLearn before then get one of our FREE Data Entry and Microsoft Office Essentials training course sample!

Click on any of the above links to see all the different types of documents, spreadsheets and presentation files you’ll learn and be able to practise with as part of your training.


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