Microsoft Word Advanced Training Course 207 – Data Files & Mail Merge

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This Advanced Microsoft Word training course will teach you how exported data from systems like Xero, or MYOB can be structured and used in printed or emailed communications.

  • 3 hours (3 CPD Points) estimated completion time
  • 1 x downloaded PDF training workbook
  • Sample database exercise files
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Video tutorials
  • Advanced Certificate in Microsoft Word


Data Files, Data Formatting and Mail Merge using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is used less for mail merged sales and marketing letters but the concepts included in this course will teach you how mail merge is used between Microsoft Office programs (Word and Excel) and email software like Microsoft Outlook as well as email marketing software like MailChimp.

Microsoft Word – Working with data files and records

  • Understanding how data is stored and the storage formats
  • Understand the term delimiters and the different delimiters used when storing data
  • Use Microsoft Word as a tool to enter data
  • Entering field markers within a Word document
  • Connecting a Word document with field markers to a data source
  • Preview connected data
  • Combining data and letters to create a mail merged Word document
  • Different ways of merging data and text, including in an email using Outlook

Data Structures

Understand the structure of data, fields & records, Creating a data table, forms for working easier with data tables, table and form views, creating new records, data formats including tab and comma delimited text, Sorting data and deleting rows.

Mail Merge Principles

Mail merge basics, connecting to data sources, inserting merge fields, filtering and selecting data, editing merge recipients data, previewing merged results, different merge options, merging to a new document, saving changes to merge files.

Labels and Envelopes

Customise your label, text formatting within the label, label size options, create new label templates for future use, printing addresses on envelopes, adding an envelope to your document and more…


Microsoft Word & Excel

Although they are completely different programs both Microsoft Word and Excel can store data in an organised and structured way. Data can be exported from accounting software like Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks and manipulated in these Microsoft Office Applications that can then be imported into other applications like MailChimp or CRM’s for marketing or analysis.

Equivalent Microsoft Excel Data Structures Course: Advanced Excel Training Course 307

This Advanced Word training course is included in the Microsoft Advanced Word Training Course Bundle at a discounted price