Microsoft Word Advanced Training Course 209 – Bookmarks, Hyperlinks & Styles

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  • Understanding document bookmarks
  • Explore the difference between bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Inserting bookmarks and referring to them in the document
  • Inserting hyperlinks to website and email addresses
  • Introduction to styles and style formatting
  • Using Heading styles to structure long documents
  • Inserting a table of contents with pages numbers which update automatically as your document changes
  • Understand style formatting and how it relates to style formatting before and after the current formatting
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This course was previously called MS Word Course 212

Bookmarks hyperlinks and styles: inserting and naming bookmarks, getting to a bookmark, linking to a bookmark from another part of the document, exploring other places a hyperlink can point to, removing hyperlinks, hyperlink to an email address,

Heading styles: Understanding 1st, 2nd and 3rd level heading styles and how to organise a professional document like a tender proposal to give your document structure, inserting a table of contents, looking at a document map, You’ll be able to open a complex and long document and jump quickly to the area you want to get to.

Understanding style formatting: In earlier Word courses we explored templates that you can create to make replicating documents fast and professional and when you use templates provided by Word they can become tricky to use if you don’t understand style formatting.

CASE STUDY: Long and complex documents like proposals and tenders

The Microsoft Word Advanced Training Courses will help you combine data like clients, prospects with professional section formatting, styles and document information to make tender proposals look great. These skills with either enable you to merge one document into hundreds or thousands of individualised sales letters or one single complex long form report or proposal.


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