MYOB Business (Essentials 504E) GST, Reporting, BAS & End-of-Quarter Training Course

$139.00 inc GST

  • MYOB Essentials 504e101 – Work out PAYG and Super
  • MYOB Essentials 504e102 – Create a Journal for PAYG and Super
  • MYOB Essentials 504e201 – Check your GST Settings
  • MYOB Essentials 504e202 – Completing your BAS
  • MYOB Essentials 504e301 – Profit and Loss
  • MYOB Essentials 504e302 – Balance Sheet
  • MYOB Essentials 504e401 – Exporting Reports
  • MYOB Essentials 504e402 – Customising Reports


  • Learn about how GST is calculated on each sale,
  • purchase, deposit and withdrawl, GST reports,
  • How to complete your BAS using MYOB’s BASlink,
  • Setup your BAS Info and backup the completed BAS report for that period.
  • Learn about the GST and BAS reports,
  • Capital Reports (Assets and Liabilities),
  • Proft and Loss and Cashflow reports

Course Duration: 3 hours