MYOB Business (Essentials 503E) Bank Rec & End of Month Training Course

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  • Estimated Course Duration: 4 hours
  • Training Manuals / Workbooks: 1 downloadable PDF format workbooks with step-by-step exercises
  • Practical exercises: Real world scenarios created by bookkeepers
  • Certificate: Beginners Certificate when completed separately
  • Immersive Support: SMS, email, website chat, phone


MYOB Essentials Bank Reconciliation & End of Month Training Course

You’ll explore a bank statement and enter data for that period as well as the direct debit transactions that aren’t entered as part of the Daily Transactions. You’ll enter ad hoc payments for director wages, as well as a capital purchase of a vehicle and depreciation of that vehicle, plus alternatives like leasing or second hand car purchase under $20,000.

Data File & Loan Account

  • creating a loan account,
  • transfer loan funds,
  • transaction details and accounts payable,
  • setup accounts payable linked account,
  • editing or deleting a transaction entry

Transactions & journal entries

  • Creating customer cards,
  • creating inventory items,
  • entering a sale and payment,
  • spend money,
  • receive money from a client,
  • reconcile your cheque account to your bank statement

Bank reconciliation case study

  • MYOB Essentials 503e101 – Create a New Company File 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e102 – Create Accounts and Deposit 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e103 – Create a New Customer Card 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e201 – Create a New Inventory Item 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e202 – Enter a Sale and Payment 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e203 – Spend Money Transaction 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e204 – Receive Money Transaction 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e301 – Enter Payment of Wages 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e302 – Enter Payment to Upwork 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e303 – Process Journal for Depreciation 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e401 – Start the Reconciliation 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e402 – Edit the Incorrect Transactions 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e403 – Complete the Reconciliation 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e501 – Run a Bank Reconciliation Report 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e502 – Run a General Ledger Report

NEW: MYOB Essentials In tray and Capture App

MYOB-Online-Training-Courses-Workflow-for-MYOB-Intray-Documents-receipt-scanning-and-coding-MYOB Essentials bank reconciliation training courseMYOB has now built in features to help their users capture and store receipts and other source documents. It’s a great feature if you:

  • lose receipts or are not sure what certain expense payments are for,
  • Keep your receipts but they fade in the sun,
  • want to ensure that staff who are allowed to make purchases for the business can capture the receipt quickly and easily
  • are always asked by your bookkeeper, BAS Agent or accountant to show receipts for your purchases

Everyone with an active student account and access to the MYOB Essentials Complete or Bank Reconciliation course since 2013 will automatically have access to these new training resources. 

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Upgrade Option: MYOB Essentials COMPLETE Training Course Package

If you want to learn all the other features and how to use MYOB Essentials using practical case studies based on real businesses explore the MYOB Essentials COMPLETE training course package. It includes all skill levels and as a package the course fees are discounted and cheaper than enrolling into each of the MYOB Essentials courses individually.

MYOB Essentials Training Course Package includes:

  • MYOB Daily Transactions & Data Entry
  • Invoices, Purchases, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • GST, Reporting and BAS
  • Payroll Administration

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