MYOB AccountRight Bank Reconciliation & Coding Training Course 503

MYOB Essentials (503E) Bank Rec & End of Month Training Course

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MYOB Essentials Bank Reconciliation & End of Month Training Course

Data File & Loan Account

  • creating a loan account,
  • transfer loan funds,
  • transaction details and accounts payable,
  • setup accounts payable linked account,
  • editing or deleting a transaction entry

Transactions & journal entries

  • Creating customer cards,
  • creating inventory items,
  • entering a sale and payment,
  • spend money,
  • receive money from a client,
  • reconcile your cheque account to your bank statement

Course Duration: 3 hours

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  • MYOB Essentials 503e101 – Create a New Company File 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e102 – Create Accounts and Deposit 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e103 – Create a New Customer Card 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e201 – Create a New Inventory Item 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e202 – Enter a Sale and Payment 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e203 – Spend Money Transaction 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e204 – Receive Money Transaction 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e301 – Enter Payment of Wages 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e302 – Enter Payment to Upwork 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e303 – Process Journal for Depreciation 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e401 – Start the Reconciliation 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e402 – Edit the Incorrect Transactions 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e403 – Complete the Reconciliation 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e501 – Run a Bank Reconciliation Report 
  • MYOB Essentials 503e502 – Run a General Ledger Report


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