Xero Course 515 – Level 1: Beginners Payroll Training Workbook

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This Training Manual and Workbook contains step-by-step tasks using Xero for training case studies based on real world business scenarios for payroll administration tasks.

This course workbook also includes tasks relating to employer obligations, payroll setup and user permissions, managing employees, payroll reporting and EOFY payroll reporting.

  • Instant download 
  • PDF format (24 pages)
  • Based on real world case studies
  • Resource for Xero Advanced Course Certificate
  • Setup and Manage employee payroll
  • Setting up and performing pay runs
  • Work Skills for entry level payroll admin tasks

This Xero Course training workbook is included when you enrol into the Xero Payroll Course and Certificate.


Payroll Beginners Course Case Study: Hairdressing Salon Payroll Course

Learn how to use Xero for beginner level Payroll training course. Upskill to find payroll officer jobs.

Trim and Styles is a bustling hairdressing salon run by some local ladies who like to have fun while they get about the serious business of grooming their clients to look their best.

Follow the journey of Rick and his three hairdressers Jackie, Vanessa and Monique as they manage the payroll for a busy hairdressing salon while also finding time to fit in some social activities and build a great team and work culture.

Learn more about the practical case study included in this payroll course.

Xero Payroll Setup Course

  • Xero Payroll – Setting our user permissions
  • Xero Payroll – Payroll Settings – Linked Account Setup (r)
  • Xero Payroll – Payroll Settings – Payslips Setup
  • Xero Payroll – Payroll Settings – Pay Items Setup
  • Xero Payroll – Payroll Settings – Calendar Setup
  • Xero Payroll – Payroll Settings – Super Setup

Xero Payroll Course – Manage your Employees

  • Xero Payroll Course – Employees – Details
  • Xero Payroll Course – Employees – Employment
  • Xero Payroll Course – Employees – Tax Declaration
  • Xero Payroll Course – Employees – Leave
  • Xero Payroll Course – Employees – Bank Accounts
  • Xero Payroll Course – Employees – Pay Template
  • Xero Payroll Course – Employees – Opening Balances

Processing Payroll using Xero

  • Xero Payroll Course – Timsheets – Entering Timesheet Information
  • Xero Payroll Course – Pay Runs – Posting a simple pay run
  • Xero Payroll Course – Pay Runs – Pay Run Options

Getting started with Xero Payroll

  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Create a New Company File
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Set up your Company Details
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Add your Payroll Bank Account
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Set up your Payroll Liability and Expense accounts
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Create Pay Calendars
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Create Employee Cards

Xero Payroll Course – Payroll Dashboard

  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Familiarise Yourself with the Pay Items
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Allowances, Termination Payment, Ordinary Hours, Overtime hours and more
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Deductions, Reimbursements and Leave Categories
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – FBT, Leave Payments, Post-Tax and Pre-Tax Deducations
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Pay Templates
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Information about the Superannuation Guarantee
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Superannuation Types – Fixed, Percentage of Earnings or Statutory Rate
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Setting Pay Periods
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Perform a Pay Run
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Print & Email Pay Slips to Employees
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Pay Runs & Payroll Activity Reports
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Suggestions/Recommendations
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Create a Card for a New Company Employee
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Create a New Account
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Create a New Pay Item
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Update Employee Payroll Details & Perform Pay Runs
  • Xero Beginners Payroll Course – Edit a Pay Run

Xero Payroll Reporting Course

  • Xero Payroll Course – Print a Payroll Activity Summary Report
  • Xero Payroll Course – Print a Payroll Employee Summary
  • Xero Payroll Course – Reconcile Superannuation & Wages
  • Xero Payroll Course – Reconcile the PAYG Taxes
  • Xero Payroll Course – Reconcile Liabilities to Balance Sheet

EOY Xero Payroll Procedures

  • Xero Payroll Course – Create EMPDUPE
  • Xero Payroll Course – Print out the Payment Summaries

Xero Payroll Course – Employer Obligation Information

  • Differences between full-time, part-time and casual employees
  • Salary Sacrificing
  • Employer Obligations relating to Super
  • Employee Eligibility Criteria for Superannuation
  • Pay Slip Requirements
  • TFN Declaration Forms

Practical Step-by-step exercises

We believe in learning how to perform payroll tasks by using Xero to perform the tasks you’ll be performing in the workplace.  Learn more about this payroll training case study