Xero Course 516 – Cashflow, Budgets and Forecasting Training Course Workbook BUNDLE

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This Training Manual and Workbook contains step-by-step tasks using Xero for training case studies based on real world business scenarios for Cashflow reporting and other financial reporting liked aged receivables, debtors etc.

This course workbook includes tasks relating to “importing” all the business transaction data for a full quarterly reporting season, ensuring all transactions are coded correctly and reconciled and customising the chart of accounts to better show profitability of the different products and services sold.

It includes an introduction to multi-period reporting.

  • Instant download 
  • PDF format (42 pages)
  • Based on the real-world The Next Quarter case study
  • Resources for Xero Advanced Course Certificate
  • Includes:
    • Historical data files
    • Training on importing transactions 
    • Reading and interpreting complex financial reports
    • Financial Reporting for Credit Management

This Advanced Xero Course training workbook is included when you enrol into the Xero Accounting Training Course (516) – Advanced Certificate (Cash-flow Reporting, Budgets & ROI) .


Advanced Certificate in Xero Course Case Study: The Next Quarter

Based on the transactions in our Bank Reconciliations course AND the BAS Course we follow our Corporate Executive, come small business owner, Jerry as he navigates the world of small business.

We use financial information to see what can be improved, what needs to change and what is doing very well.

We look at mistakes made about funding larger capital purchases and some of the other options available to Jerry as well as other ways to improve cash flow and budgets to help run a smoother business next quarter.

In this course Jerry uses data from Xero reports to explore business opportunities like:

  • Selling training courses with EzyLearn
  • Being a trade agent for local tradespeople by providing a measure and quote service in exchange for a percentage of the sale value
  • Using HiPages as one lead source for the above
  • Studying a real estate agents course, becoming a real estate licensee and hiring a real estate agent
  • Comparing financial results with previous period
  • Aligning expenses with revenue to understand profitability
  • Valuing a business and selling it.

Learn more about the practical case study included in this course.

Importing historical transactions

In Advanced Xero Course 516 you’ll learn how to import the bank transactions (rather than enter them manually that we teach in the Xero Daily Transactions “Essentials” Training Course) and manage the many and varied transactions that our typical entrepreneur, Jerry, enters into, for instance:

  • getting a commercial building loan
  • buying a commercial property
  • completing a real estate agents’ course (because he’s changing business direction and running several enterprises at the same time).

Credit management reporting

You explore the typical overspending that some new entrepreneurs go through and understand how these transactions affect the cashflow of a business.

You’ll learn about the financing, operational and investment aspects of a cashflow statement and about alternative strategies that a business can take regarding its spending and credit risk management.

You’ll go through other Credit Management reports like Aged Receivables and understand the tools available to small businesses for:

  • reigning in their accounts receivable
  • getting money into their bank accounts quicker
  • using their accounting software to help perform better marketing and operational management by budgeting and understanding their Return On Investment.

Business Management Decisions

You’ll explore some business opportunities that reveal how corporate employees can become small business owners and consultants in their local area with the use of cloud accounting software.

These are some of the topics included:

  • Changing a business name and other details
  • Subscribing to Project Bidding websites like HiPages and using it as a lead source for trades
  • Real estate agents’ course and setting up a real estate agency
  • How to earn money selling training courses – including creating quotes, invoice and receiving payments
  • Advertising on LinkedIn to find a real estate agent employee
  • Setting up a professional WordPress website
  • Exploring strategies to win regular work
  • Using car trailers as an advertising medium
  • Borrowing cost for commercial warehouse (Cubbyhole at Cardiff)
  • How to make a loan and purchase transaction for Cubbyhole commercial warehouse
  • Alternative options to project bidding websites for marketing and lead generation
  • Deposit and loan transactions for commercial property purchase
  • Making changes to inventory
  • Creating invoices for sales and marketing contract work
  • Importing bank statements to save on data entry
  • Creating bank rules for faster reconciliation
  • Matching transactions for bank statements from a bank file
  • Entering transactions for a BAS refund from the previous quarter
  • Accounting for motor vehicle depreciation
  • Accounting for commercial premises depreciation
  • PAYG & superannuation
  • Cash flow statements
  • Setting budgets
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis

Practical Step-by-step exercises

Learn advanced bookkeeping tasks by using Xero to perform the tasks you’ll be performing in the workplace.

Learn more about The Next Quarter training case study