Microsoft Excel Beginners Course 303 – Formulas, Functions and Formatting

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In this Excel Beginners course you’ll begin to see the true power of a spreadsheet program. You’ll enter your own formulas and then watch as the totals change automatically when you change some of the source data.

It means you can perform very quick calculations for budgets, scenarios, forecasts etc and make your spreadsheets look professional with text, colour, and alignment formatting.

Excel Beginners course topics:

  • Formulas: Entering formulas using the keyboard, arrow keys and the mouse,
  • Understand the importance of relative cells references, common formula errors, using multiplication and division and how to combine two formulas in one.
  • AutoCalculate: Get quick additions and basic functions quickly without having to enter formulas.
  • Functions: Introductions to functions and function syntax, Autosum, Autosum for several and selected ranges
  • Introductions to other basic functions like Maximum, Minimum, Average and more…
  • Functions: Sum function in more detail, using the formula bar and editing functions, using the F2 key, using Autofill to save a lot of time copying (or filling) functions using relative cell references.
  • Formatting: This effects the way your spreadsheet looks, everything from lines, colours, shading, and even the format of text and numbers.
  • Currency formatting, date and text formatting,
  • Merging cells and centering,
  • Alignment formatting and text control within single and merged cells,
  • Fill colour, font colour and Borders.
  • Advanced formatting: Autoformats that allow you to quickly make your spreadsheet look very professional,
  • Repeat last action, and format painter make it faster for you to duplicate commands and formatting,
  • Using format painter with entire spreadsheets to apply multiple formatting in just a couple clicks.

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